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Before Surgery

We take great care to explain all the alternatives to surgery in detail.  Some people have used trusses that served to irritate the hernia, apply inappropriate pressure, and possibly worsen scarring.  Such methods may temporarily diminish hernia symptoms but surgical repair will always be inevitable.  Binders for abdominal hernias are useful before and after repair. 


Pre-operative patient education as to the pathophysiology of the disease and the pros, cons, risks, benefits and possible complications of surgical repair versus no surgery are reviewed.  Hernia surgery can be considered minor surgery with inherently minimal risk.  However, certain hernia surgeries are major surgeries requiring expert pre and post-operative care by a dedicated team.


Most hernia procedures are performed on an outpatient basis or a short overnight hospital stay.  This enables the patient to expeditiously return to the comfort and privacy of their own residence.



Our patients are encouraged to return to their home as soon as possible after surgery.  In these current times, the hospital may be a hostile environment due to “designer bugs”, MRSA, and similar infectious organisms. All current scientific studies prove that early discharge is preferable.


Our patients customarily become active within 24 hours and return to unrestricted activities of work or daily living within 3 to 4 weeks.  Specific operative approaches and techniques afford our patients the benefit and advantage of substantially reduced post-operative discomfort.


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