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Why repair a hernia?
Surgical Techniques

Why repair a hernia?

Hernias are repaired due to the pain they cause, and to avoid eventual potential devastating complications.  When the herniated internal organ slides in and out of the abdominal wall defect, a scar reaction is started.  Eventually this organ will scar outside the abdomen, thusly preventing its return into the normal intra-abdominal position.  This is termed an incarcerated hernia.  Within a short period of time, the blood supply to the affected organ (most commonly the intestine) becomes constricted and eventually interrupted.  Thereafter, that portion of the organ begins to die, thereby becoming a strangulated hernia.  At this point, emergency surgery is required to repair the hernia and remove the non-viable internal organ in the hernia defect. It is preferable to prevent this

from occurring and repair the hernia on an elective basis prior to incarceration and/or 



Even in non-emergency situations, most symptomatic hernias should be repaired shortly after diagnosis in order to avoid serious complications.

Surgical Techniques

Hernias are repaired, not “cut out”.  Reconstruction or repair of the hernia is usually done with the use of a reinforcement material or a prosthetic mesh.  In rare cases, such as infected hernias, biological meshes manufactured from tissue components are used as a temporary or permanent reinforcement.


Rarely a hernia is repaired without mesh. This usually applies to small umbilical, or belly button, hernias or a hernia in an infant or young child. In very special circumstances, other types of hernia repairs are performed using primary tissue techniques.


Mesh can be a fabric, polymerized plastic, biological membrane, absorbable, non-absorbable, partially absorbable, or combination of products.  The decision to use mesh and the types will be determined according to the specific needs of the individual patient.  Additionally, we use a highly advanced suture material with a permanent stretch memory, absorbable tacks, or resorbable sutures/tacks, depending on the type of repair and the specific patient requirements. Bioglues are also available.


We offer the ultimate in laparoscopic technology whereby the hernia repair is performed without a formal incision.  Small punctures allow a minimally invasive technique utilizing fiberoptic technology with a video monitor and advanced camera system.  Single puncture technology is currently being pioneered and will soon be available for certain cases.


Your surgeon will discuss each available technique and the best method for you personally.  Our innovative methods ultimately assure our patients the strongest repair available, an exceptionally low recurrence rate, and pleasing cosmetic results.  


While the recurrence rate for hernia repairs can be as high as 10-50%, the Hernia Surgical Specialists recurrence rate is less than 0.01%.


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