Workers' Compensation

The Hernia Surgical Specialists are very well respected in the workers’ compensation community.  We are the number one choice for hernia repair for the majority of the insurance companies, claims examiners, and nurse case managers.  We are grateful for their trust and confidence in us, and strive to deliver the very best patient care in the workers’ compensation system and overall healthcare industry.  We are able to generate opinions and medico-legal reports expeditiously.


The workers’ compensation companies and employers appreciate for our successfully returning the injured worker to their usual and customary work duties and pre-injury capacity as rapidly and safely as possible.  The workers are happy to have been returned to their usual and customary employment.


With a history of multiple years of experience serving as a Qualified Medical Evaluator for the State of California, our premier surgeon, Dr. Mazin, has been a trusted non-biased evaluator whose opinion is sought after by the claims examiners, nurse case managers, and attorneys for the applicant and insurance companies.

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